Master Gardeners – A Volunteer Program Sponsored by Penn State Extension

  • How Master Gardeners Help
    • Master Gardeners are community volunteers trained by county extension agricultural agents. Once they complete their training, Master Gardeners begin volunteer service. They cooperate with service agencies and community groups on a wide range of gardening projects. They often provide hands-on training through demonstrations for home gardeners, clubs, and organizations. Their talents and energy are directed toward providing a link between their community and Penn State Cooperative Extension.
  • Why They Can Help
    • Master Gardeners have a strong interest in gardening, a willingness to learn, and, most important, the desire to help others. Certified Master Gardeners have had training in plant science, integrated pest management, pesticide safety, plant propagation, soil science, plant diseases, and insect pests. Many Master Gardeners focus on a particular subject area such as vegetable gardening or landscape design.
  • What They Can Do For You
    • Master Gardeners are willing and able to assist individuals and groups with:
      • plant selection
      • weed, insect, and disease identification
      • composting
      • landscape design
      • pest control
      • park improvement
      • vegetable gardening
      • tree pruning and care
      • community gardening
      • …. and more
  • Volunteer Activities
    • Master Gardeners fulfill their volunteer commitment to:
      • work with groups on community beautification
      • create demonstration gardens
      • teach plant science to school-age children
      • teach horticulture to adults
      • answer gardening questions
      • teach environmentally sound gardening to community groups
      • write articles for the news media
      • establish gardening programs for special-needs audiences
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Warren Agriculture is a project of The Future of Warren County Agriculture Task Force - a community-based program supported by Penn State Extension - Warren County to help residents and farmers respond to the challenges facing agriculture in Warren County Pennsylvania.
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